Alta Zara Thompson and David Theodore Crane
Courtesy of Rex Crane

James Clinton Thompson was born April 27, 1857 in Missouri and died September 8, 1948.  He was the son of Andrew Jackson Thompson and Nancy Ann Saling. James married Mary Eliza Bruen on October 21, 1877 in Linn Creek, MO. (now under the Lake of the Ozarks...the present Linn Creek was built and homes relocated as part of the dam building project.  Our fathers' home was relocated) Mary Eliza Bruen was born October 13, 1860 at Linn Creek and died April 14, 1948.  Her father was born in England and mother in Missouri.

James Clinton Thompson was ordained to the ministry April 2, 1888.  He pastored for more than 50 years and baptized 10,000 people. Although their mother was raised in the Christian Church, our fathers began attending the Methodist church as boys because they preferred the youth programs at the local Methodist church.

James Clinton Thompson and Mary Eliza Bruen Thompson are buried in the Eldon Cemetery at Eldon, MO.  They had 14 children, all born in Camden County.  They had 3 sets of twins.  Their first set of twins were born on November 19, 1882.  Alfred A. Thompson and Alta Zara Thompson (our grandmother).

Andrew Jackson Thompson was born in 1826 in Johnson County, Indiana, the son of Joseph Thompson and Elizabeth Balay.   He married Nancy Ann Saling on November 10, 1850 in Moniteau County, MO.  Nancy Ann Saling, born in Missouri, was the daughter of Peter Saling (born in 1784 in NC) and Nancy Saling (born in 1784 in NC).

Elizabeth Balay Thompson was born in 1806 in Tennessee, the daughter of Benjamin Balay and Elizabeth Perry.  She married Joseph Thompson, a farmer, on January 26, 1824 in Green County, Kentucky.  Joseph was born in North Carolina, the son of William Thompson.

The Balay family is a re-name of the Bailey family.  Taken back to it's origin gets you to Ireland.  The Thompson family taken to it's origin gets you back to England.

Now back to David Theodore Crane.

By the way, I have the original birth certificates and marriage license for David Theodore Crane and Alta Zara Thompson Crane.  Our grandmother kept them in the family Bible.

David Theodore Crane was born September 23, 1877, the son of John Calvin Crane and Rachel Boltz.  DT was born in Tuscumbia, MO (Miller County).  I've seen Rachel's name spelled two ways, Rachel & Rachael, and since her birth date and parents match I'm certain it's the same person.  I don't have much on John C. Crane, except that it's believed that the "Crane" family name was re-named from the German sir name "Kraun" upon immigrating to the US.

I do know more about Rachel.

Rachel was born in VA in 1846, the daughter of David & Nancy Boltz.  They moved while Rachel was a child, to Osage, MO.  In the 1880 census, David Boltz named his occupation as farmer.  David Boltz was born March 24, 1811 in Penn, and died October 14, 1885 in Miller County, MO.  Nancy Custer was born Dec 4, 1820.  Nancy's mother was Mary Ball.

David Boltz was the son of John Boltz and Rachael Boltz.  John was born Feb 25, 1787 in VA and died 1841 in IN.  Rachael was born in 1793 in NJ, and died in 1865 in MO.

John Boltz was the son of John Michael Boltz and Eve Zombro.  John Michael was born Jan 22, 1758 in VA and died Jan 1806 in VA.  Eve was born May 25, 1758 in Penn and died Feb 8, 1851 in VA.

John Michael Boltz was the son of John Michael Boltz and Elenor Veronica Firnssler.  John Michael Boltz was born March 23, 1733 in Eggenstein, Karlsruhe, Baden, Germany and died Jun 1806 in VA.  Elenor Veronica Firnssler was born in 1735 and died in 1806 in VA.

John Michael Boltz was the son of Johann Michael Boltz and Maria Barbara Lauten.  Johann Michael Boltz was born in 1701 in Eggenstein, Karlsruhe, Baden, Germany and died July 1783.  Maria Barbara Lauten died in 1783 and was the daughter of Michael Lauten.

Johann Michael Boltz was the son of Hans Michael Boltz, also from Germany.

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